Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I completely forgot that this blog even existed !
A lot has happened since traveling around Australia in 2012.
I will attempt to update this over the next couple of weeks :)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Adelaide to Kangaroo Island

I am just going to do a quick update with some pictures because its 39 degrees here in Melbourne and all I want to do is sleep ;)
I started my travels in Adelaide with three other ladies. Today we are two left as Stefanie just flew back to germany and Nadine is continuing alone. Next up we are going to continue with Nico our new addition to canberra, blue mountains and then sydney for new years.
The last three weeks have been filled with lots of beer and wine, short camping nights, 7 degrees at night up to 39 during the day and a lot of nature and beautiful scenery!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The past 4 months

Sorry for not updating this blog as much as I should. The past 3.5 months have been hard work on the farm. I have been working with the animals a lot more. Weaning sheep and kettle, pregtesting, stock moves ...
Also a lot of spraying herbicides, driving over padocks for days and days on the quad untill my butt hurt. I had to learn how to drive a deutz tractor, bobcat and clark.
Afer a few weeks I got a second job at the local Tav. That extended my work week to around 55 hours.
But it wasnt all work and no play. Pascal and I drove to Adelaide and went to a rodeo with some friends. We also had a lot of fun nights at the tav and visited my big brother in Melbourne a couple of times.
I spent my hard earned money on a Nissan Patrol that was supposed to bring me and my travel parnters all around australia. In the end I spent 1200 dollars on repairs and still had to sell it and get a different car. Lost lots of cash :/ It was just to far gone. I have a Mitsubishi Magna station wagon now that is serving me good and is reliable.
I have to say that things in the country are so much easier. You make friends a lot faster and there is a big community bond.
I will upload a few pictures and then write a new entry updating you on life after Willalooka :)